Women twenty-five percent increase in her adult wage

Women in the Global Economy          It is calculated that women could increase their income globally by up to 76% if the employment participation gap and the wage gap between women and men were closed. This is calculated to have a global value of USD 17  .  As history is now behind us, women have grown from fighting for the right to vote and work within the twentieth century, to being given  opportunities to establish their career and contribute to the global economy  . In order to move forward globally , equal measures must be met in all nations.  An increase in college completion now prepares women for the workforce, and enhances their teamwork ability that is essential for business ownership.  In many cases, technology is used by women as a platform to build a small business that can grow substantially.  Accomplishing high degree levels of education, using technology for advanced marketing and having equal rights in the workforce as men, results in women across the globe contributing more to the global economy.  Education, technology, and closing the gender gap will assist women in being the largest contributors to the international economy.-Within the global economy, it is beneficial economically to empower women through education.  From the time they are in grade school, the main goal of the educational system must be to prepare a young lady for her future (” Why Educating Girls Makes Economic Sense”).  By attempting to succeed in school, rather than dropping out of secondary school, a girl would have a twenty-five percent increase in her adult wage (” Why Educating Girls Makes Economic Sense”).  Sufficient high schools are important globally in order to create a trickle down effect of girls obtaining success in college.  In contrast it is critical that a highschool is equipped with classroom material, a relevant curriculum and teachers that continue to assist students as much as possible in reaching their goals. Some countries lose 1 million a year by failing to educate girls ( Global Partnership for Education).   Girls should be taught that they have the same educational opportunities as males, and that they are capable of reaching the same goals.  It is necessary for girls to be able to recognize their capabilities for their future careers which assists them in having stable salaries.It is economically efficient for young women to have a career direction while attending college or university.  In global terms funding is needed for counsellors and programs to direct female students down their career paths.  By doing so students can determine which degree level they would like to achieve.  Individuals who obtain Bachelor Degrees earn about 2.27 million over their lifetime.  Those who hold Master, Doctoral, and Professional Degrees earn about 2.67 million, 3.25 million, and 3.65 million throughout their lifetime (Burnsed).  Empowerment of female education in terms of achieving higher degrees reflects on future incomes, and the future of the world.Women that are educated or working within a time consuming career commonly start a family later in their adult life (” Why Educating Girls Makes Economic Sense”).  Investing in a girls education helps delay early marriage and young parenthood.  Child marriage would decrease by sixty-four percent if South and West Asian Girls were sent to secondary school. (Educating Girls, Ending Child Marriage”).  Women would be less reliant on financial help from a man if she is able to obtain her own income from her career.  In contrast she would be less eager to get a spouse in her early life before adulthood.  Time would be invested at her workplace of school rather than raising children.  An economy is able to grow in this manner, by the gross domestic product increasing by 0.3 percent as female education increases by 1 point.  (” Educating Girls, Ending Child Marriage”).   Gross domestic product is the total value of everything produced by all the people and companies in a country.  It is calculated by a person’s personal consumption, business investment and a persons’ government spending (Gross domestic product).   Gross domestic product can increase if there is a smaller population, and government funding would also be more abundant.  By women establishing a family later in their adult life they are able to contribute more to the economy. Access to technology and marketing resources through the internet can help women earn higher incomes.  Technology holds the power to open new opportunities for young women all over the world.  Networks can be used to obtain online schooling, opening a small business, and fuelling science and technology oriented careers.  Individuals can access computers to be informed of different careers and gain more knowledge in science careers.  The tech industry pays 98 percent more than the average private wage (” How Can Women And Girls of All Backgrounds Use Technology”).  In contrast, women can make strides in world issues with the use of technology.  Innovations such as online education, banking, and social media have all had partnerships or were founded by women (” How Can Women And Girls of All Backgrounds Use Technology”). Such creations have became apart of everyday lives, and contribute to how society connects today ( Ideas For Incresing the Numbers of Women Tech Leaders).  As such innovations have gotten widespread attention, they have helped the global economy grow substantially, by gaining from a large number of consumers, and helping consumers gross more as more young women are provided with career opportunities through technology, the global economy will continue to grow.  Technology’s connection to entrepreneurship :Businesses owned by women can expand substantially with the use of technology . Social media assist brand with gaining exposure and increasing its range of consumers. As stated by the United Nations secretary general’s High Level Panel on Women’s economic empowerment, women can achieve financial growth even if they are not in a formal enterprise ( Ideas for Increasing the Numbers of Women Tech Leaders) . Networking sites can be used by businesses of size or background. Great success is also an outcome of small businesses collaborating , or being invested into .  As public  outreach increases , a business tends to grow .  Graphic art can be used to refine how a company or business is viewed by the public , and the message it will send to consumers (“5 huge benefits of gender equality in your business “).  Lastly , advertising through technology can also assist a business in grossing more money . Ads can be spread across various websites , and can also be aired on television. Technology can help small business gain exposure in various ways.Globally , many women lack technology technology within their daily lives.  Men have been gaining access at a faster rate than women. In 2014, there was an estimated 200 million fewer women online than men (Kanyoro).  This causes there to be fewer investors in the technology connection world that we live in today.  As the gap remains, women remain consumers , and contribute to the economy of the place that they inhabit. However, they are not capable of creators and obtaining income that can grow substantially with the use of technology.  600 million additional women and girls online could boost gross domestic product by up to $18 million U.S dollars (Kanyoro). In order to close the gap , advocating is crucial to support the human right of women having equal access to technology. Petitions will increase the level of awareness by the United Nations to assist underdeveloped who are not capable of supporting women with gaining access to technology. Paragraph 1 of gender equality: how gender equality can boost economic growth.Investing writhing women’s empowerment would grow the global economy substantially. Globally , women do not have equal job opportunities that men do.  For example , in Jordan , unemployment among women is double the rate of unemployment among men ( “How gender equality can boost economic growth “).  By providing more job opportunities for women , families can also gross a higher income and move further away from the poverty rate.  Closing the inactivity rate between girls and boys would also increase Gross domestic product profit by up to 5.4% ( “How gender equality can boost economic growth “).  Equal pay and hiring more women in high paying sectors would initiate a revolution that is needed.  It is unlikely that the gender gap will reopen once it has closed and helped the economy increase. Employment guidelines must be endured globally in order for change to occur. Many beleive that the duty of women is to raise children and complete all housekeeping task. Such beleifs prevent countries from moving foward economically.By attempting to grow the female staff within a company, companies can see growth within their profit : There is a variety of benefits a corporate or small enterprise can experience by hiring female employees.  There are ideas and personality traits that females can contribute rather than males.  For example , Women can improve the area of a workplace by using spoken word to motivate fellow coworkers (“5 huge benefits of gender equality in your business “).  Women are able to keep a positive attitude and help fellow colleagues do the same.  By adding more female staff to a team, employees of different backgrounds will create diverse ideas for a company.  In contrast, employing more women will improve the opinion the outside world has on the company , as feminism has a growing avocation (“5 huge benefits of gender equality in your business “).  Based on the reputation a company the built, it will attract more potential employees and consumers. Versatility within a company has grown in importance, and can stabalize a comany financially (5 Huge Benefits of Gender Equality in Your Business).   However, equal treatment is also vital to do so. Once fair treatment of female employees is shown within the company , the company will receive exposure form various people.  Gender equality is necessary for global growth and the development of future generations.  It is estimated that between $12 trillion and $17 trillion could be added to the global economy every year by 2025 if women were able to have equal rights in labor markets (“How advancing women’s equality can add $12 trillion to global growth “).  As families  begin to earn more , children will be put in a position for success. Young boys and girls will be able to afford schooling , a stable home , and avoid hardships of poverty.  For a future of gender equality , a change as to occur now. In order to move foward internationally , many countries must be willing to take more action ( Kanyoro).  With the gap remaining open between men and women, men remain with a feeling of entitlement, and young girls continue to feel belittled. Now and in the future , women should should have the same human and rights and opportunities as men. In order to increase the global economy , educating young women will prepare them for a competitive workforce , which can assist them in earning more .  While equal access to the interconnected world of technology, women will more job opportunities and be innovative with advanced marketing.  Women are kept out of the workforce by having little to no knowledge about technology.  Lastly , gender equality is vital for making more jobs available to women , benefiting companies through gaining consumers , and creating an equal environment for future generations.