Why diploma in business management to learn what

Why I want to participate in the OSEP and what
I hope to gain.


I always loved riding in cars, trains,
and buses. As a kid, after a long day of school, even if it was a 5-minute trip
home, I would fall asleep to the sound of the engine purring in whatever
vehicle I was in. As I grew older, I had to break the habit of sleeping on the
go as I would often miss my stop and it became natural and enjoyable to look
out the window. Watching my world pass by through the stained glass, I would daydream what I could do with it.

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At the age of 12, I fell in love with
video games and adopted the high school dream of being a professional
basketball player except, for video games. By 15 I was top tier in 2 different
games but fell short of being the best and never broke into the e-sports scene.
Still, my passion for video games prevailed and I decided to follow the saying
“find something you love then learn to make money off it”. I started an
unconventional business which I shutdown shortly after but gained some newfound
motivation and took on a diploma in business management to learn what I did
wrong and to do better in the future.

I would like a chance to learn from a
university to better prepare myself for the next step in my career, to be more knowledgeable
and be equipped with better skills to separate myself from my competition. I hope
to gain skills and experiences that will propel my long-term goal of starting
my own company and making a video game. In the OSEP I hope to have a diverse
learning experience, communicate with people of different cultural backgrounds
and learn from their experiences and business insights. I would like to represent
Nanyang Polytechnic and increase the
value of my diploma. I hope to develop as a person, discover myself, learn about
the world and mature into a more independent person. Finally, I would like to
have fun exploring the city, enjoying the food and talking to people.

Instead of daydreaming what I could do
in my everyday rides, I would like the opportunity to actually do something. Equipped
with a fearless passion for success and determination, all I need to complete
my goals is the knowledge available through the OSEP.  I look forward to completing my career
aspirations using the tools received from the OSEP.