Transactions as traditional practice. Compared to the internet

Transactions between consumers and producers appear in multiple ways in today’s market environment. With the increase of the world’s population, the numbers of consumers and producers have grown rapidly, and the number of demand and supply also have grown at the same time. In order to initiate and persuade the consumption of any products or services, marketing communication plays important role in most companies (Keller, 2009). To follow up the world development, manufacturers were impacted to alter effectively their way of doing marketing to appeal and retain the customers. Likewise, online marketing was introduced and modified the traditional method of doing marketing of today business (Eizaguirre & García-Feijoo & Yábar, 2010). However, both marketing methods still remain significant for the business. Below information would give a comparison between the similarity and differences of traditional and internet marketing that the companies should take into account.

Traditional marketing appears in the form of business cards, posters, printed media like magazines, newspapers, the advertisements on television, radio, billboards, and brochures. Moreover, the salesperson who does promotion is also considered as traditional practice. Compared to the internet marketing, it refers to the combination of digital technology and marketing that all the works primarily operate through internet online.

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The similarity of both methods is that they play important character to learn about the customers’ needs, consumers’ desires. For example, demonstrate and strongly persuade consumer toward any products or services, build relationship and trust, such as building brand awareness to attract new and old customers; moreover, they also help companies strive to increase sales and revenue, and drive business to be successful. For instance, they pay high concentration in price by learning on the market’s demand to find equilibrium between the product’s price and quantity produced. These purposes are driven by 4Ps of marketing mix which covers the price, place, products, and promotion (Nargesi & Jamali & Babaei & Zadeh & Mousavi, 2013).

In spite of the similarity, the controversy of both marketing remains a large gap to consider. Internet marketing focuses on electronic works, such as email marketing, social media advertising, company’s website, and phone call. These procedures are time-efficient, costless, update and punctual send information, high possible to reach a wide range of target group globally, same as gain feedback directly from customers (Salehi & Mirzaei & Aghaei & Abyari, 2012). However, traditional marketing differs from online marketing because process need to be through printed sources and more cost that some small businesses cannot afford. Same as the advertisements on magazine and newspaper, the advertising cost high price and take long time to deliver the message to the market. To be more precise, the number of consumer’s responses and feedbacks is less due to the pushing and compelling of information to the customers that is not what they asked for (Taherdoost & Jalaliyoon, 2014).

As a result, internet marketing and traditional marketing are different, yet alike. Both methods show the similar and different characteristics that enable the managers to take into consideration when making decision. Business should emphasize when determining whether to select the online or traditional way to do marketing to successfully achieve, they should realize who is their target customers, which ways do the customers prefer to obtain the advertisements. Moreover, it requires the company to familiar with the cost of doing marketing that they can afford, as well as the time frame that they prefer the promotions or advertisements entry to the market. By doing so, the company will leverage the rate of return on investment to which the business spends and the outcome of spending.