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There have been many famous serial killers.Who have done horrible things to people.But there is one, that stands out the most.He is known to be the horrible serial killer of all time.This serial killers name is Luis Garavito from colombia. He has the highest amount of victims out of anyone.All of his victims were young boys between the ages of 6 -16 years old.His nickname the beast was given to him by the media because, of the high amount of victims.So what drove him to kill all those young boys and why only boys.To find this out we are going to start from the beginning.He was born on January 25, 1957 in Colombia.He is the oldest of seven brothers.When he was young suffered physical,sexual,emotional abuse from his father.He only had five years of school before he left home at the age of sixteen.As an adult he could not hold onto a job for long.He also was a heavy drinker and had an aggressive attitude.He has tried to kill himself and was under psychiatric care for five years.You can relate two approaches to him so far.You can compare this to psychdynamic approach.Which translate early childhood experiences are at the root of his behavior. You can also compare this with behavioral approach.Which translates to environmental stimuli influence his behavior to act a certain way.Garavito has admitted to  the murder and rape of 140 young boys.But his toll is closer to 300.He prayed on poor young boys.He used food,gifts,money to get kids alone with him.He also used disguise. For example, he dressed up as a monk, street vendor or a poor person.All of his victims were street children who either were orphaned or separated from their parents for a number of reasons, mostly because of poverty.This made it easy for him to lure kids because there were alot of people who would not even notice when they go missing.He moved to town to town luring in and killing boys as he travels.He has victims from 54 different cities in colombia.There are parts of the brain that he uses alot. One of them is the frontal lobe.This part is used for thinking and creativity.For example, he used this while making different ways of ways of getting kids alone to go with him.Like the disguises and bartering items are a good example of showing creativity and thinking.Before he killed his victims he would rape and torture them.He would slice their throats with a knife dismember their bodies and then bury them outside of the town that the kids lived in.He kept a mental map of where the bodies were.But he wouldn’t just pick any kid.He would have a certain type.He would talk to them to see their character.For example, he would choose certain ones with a certain type of skin he liked.He used the insular lobe which is part of the brain a good amount.That part of the brain expresses pleasure,when he kills someone that gives him pleasure.You can make the comparison of one of the common archetypes.The one that matches him really well.Is the rebel archetype.Likes to be in a place of power,destroy lives breaks rules and commits crimes.So inclusion why did he do these horrible things to young boys.I will tell you why.So he suffers from physical,emotional,sexual abuse from his father. After going through that he wanted to put himself on the other side of that.Because, he no longer wanted to be the victim or vulnerable child he wanted to be the in control.He used alcohol to escape those feeling of weakness and depression.While would do these things while he was drunk.Side effects of alcohol are to exaggerate the emotion already gone through in his case feeling of depression.This made him much more likely to look for their means to escape his dark feelings.