Reasons of money, smoking begins on small scale

Reasons for Quitting Smoking Did you know that warnings are included on the cigarettes packs? Despite its harmful consequences on health, people continuously are getting into the habit in young age. Many people are addicts due to the nicotine contained in tobacco products. Smoking causes many health issues across the. Research has established that tobacco causes about 25 diseases. There are millions of smokers all over the world from all the categories of the population; women, men, and children. Approximately one third of the population aged from fifteen and above are smokers. Presently, smoking is the cause of about three million deaths globally every year. It is unfortunate when we lose people due to avoidable circumstances. I felt very sad when the dad of one of my friends died because of smoking. This trend is alarming and threatening to the existence of the human species. The effects of smoking on health are huge. It is the responsibility of every member of the population to stand the production of tobacco and raise awareness to everyone even non-smokers. The first impact of smoking includes wastage of money, smoking begins on small scale then graduates to a large scale. Individuals begin smoking a piece of cigarette but with time, they develop into chain smokers thus smoking up to an entire packet on a daily basis. As a result, if they are on minimum wages, their families lack basic needs. This scarcity leads to the emergence of other serious problems in the family such as break ups. In addition, often, children in such families are forced to look for other ways to get money. For example, work in hard labor conditions that is harmful to their physical, emotional, and psychological health. In addition, girls may be pushed into prostitution at an early age. Given their innocence on such matters, there is a high likelihood of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. A good number of them also drop out of school due to early teenage pregnancies. The second effect includes medical conditions, smokers have suffered from diseases, which they would have otherwise never been diagnosed with if they were not smokers. The use of tobacco products has been associated with fatal medical problems such as cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, lung cancer, asthma, and mouth tumors. Smoking has been stated to be one of the leading causes of several types of cancer (Payulert, 2014). Some people have also developed serious allergies due to heavy smoking. They experience of not being able to breath normally. Several factors influence the percentages of such due to the frequency of smoking and how bad the cigarette form.  The third effect includes appearance and personal health, Smoking can produce a bad smell. The unfortunate thing is that it affects those close to the smokers more than the smokers themselves. For example, I have asthma and my life was threat three times and visit the hospital due to sitting next to people who were smoking. I almost died because of breathing difficulties. Most smokers regardless of their efforts to maintain hygiene, they can have bad odor. Non-smokers suffer greatly when they are seated next to smokers. The situation is normally terrible due to the fact that the bad smell can be from several places; the mouth, their clothes, their shoes, and hair for some of them. In addition, one normally feels uncomfortable shaking their hands due to their nature because of the smoking. Another impact of smoking includes infant deaths. Maternal smoking has caused several deaths (Feeney, 2014).  Mothers who smoke increase the likelihood of infant deaths and low birth weights. Underweight babies have weak immune system to illness. As a result, their probability of survival is also reduced. This is unfortunate as it means that even if the babies survive, they will always have health problems. Maternal smoking predetermines the life of children. Children who would have led healthy productive lives are transformed to be sick. Their physical lives are affected, as they are not able to participate in sports for example due to conditions such as asthma. Their social lives are also affected, as there is a limit to the extent of fun they can have because of their medical conditions. In addition, their academics are affected as they will often miss classes due to medical check-ups and prescribed bed rests. In addition, there is a relationship between smoking and crime. Smoking interferes with the normal functioning of the brain. Self-control is one of the areas that are negatively impacted on by smoking. This is due to the decreased self-control. College students are the worst affected (Grekin, & Ayna, 2012). Self-control is an important aspect in human life that prevents people from engaging in socially unacceptable behaviors. Smokers can be assisted to gain control with the reinforcement contingency (Chivers et al., 2008). This is important as when the level of self-control is low, people end up doing things that they regret later. Smokers just like other drug abusers can affect people surroundings to engage in activities that they cannot do on their own. In addition, due to addiction, they are easily convinced to get involved in crime activities to get money to sustain their behavior and to buy cigarettes if they cannot afford. Furthermore, smoking does not just affect the smoker that it has effects on people close to them such as family and friends. Parents who smoke increase the likelihood of their children to smoke too.It has been established that harmonious relationships with one’s family have an impact on developing positive behaviors. On the other hand, strained relationships lead to the development of low self-esteem. Low self-esteem causes individuals to adopt behaviors they believe will raise their esteem and make them have a high status in the community. In addition, such parents do not bond with their children and instead keep insisting to them that they should work hard. These life events creates stress that can be hard for the children and could cause them to develop smoking habits among other addictive behaviors. Therefore, the family plays a great role in ensuring wellness in future; children will not develop undesirable behaviors. Consequently, the rate of drug abuse in institutions of higher learning such as universities will be greater. Thus, poor relationships between children and their parents should be avoided.  On the other hand, addicts cannot maintain productive friends. As a result, they are surrounded by friends who make them become even more addicts. This leads to the further harm of their health and other areas of their lives. Student addicts perform very poorly and finally lose focus resulting in an uncertain future. Parents who are addicts on the other hand fail to perform their duties with regard to provision and guidance. Such a situation could lead to divorces. In addition, due to the decreasing level of self-control, as mentioned addicts could be engaged in risky activities including sexual behaviors that could result in fatal consequences.  Moreover, several actions can be undertaken to help with the smoking addiction. It is important to identify the stage of smoking an individual is in order to offer effective help (Imhonde & Aluede, 2007).  Parents need to be careful with their smoking habits. For those parents who are addicts, they should stop smoking in the presence of their children and avoid sending them to buy the tobacco products. In other words, they should hide their smoking habit from their children. In addition, they should strive to maintain a good relationship with them other than just stressing them with the fact that they need to study. This will ensure that the children grow up in a peaceful environment and reduce the chances of producing an young smoker and a future addict. A friendly atmosphere at home will also reduce the chances of the children giving in to pressure from peers to adopt unpleasant behaviors. Many teenagers succumb to pressure because they lack attention and support at home. Their parents are too busy with work and absorbed in the daily pressures of life such that they have no time for their children. As a result, they look elsewhere for comfort. Therefore, parents contribute largely the personality that their children develop. Their cooperation will greatly contribute towards the elimination of the smoking behavior in teenagers and young adults. In addition, every member of the society should be involved in dealing with the situation. The large tasks should not only be left to the parents of the affected. The community should adopt a role, every adult should be sensitive to the behavior of all children and not just theirs. This is the only effective way will facilitate a steady process towards the creation of a healthy society. In addition, the relevant organizations should also design appropriate strategies to handle the situation. People should be enlightened on the seriousness of the effects of smoking not on just on their health but also on the lives of other people surrounding them like their children. Research has established that images consisting of women and children are more effective in communicating health warnings on the use of tobacco products (Wu et al. 2015). The government should exploit this technique. When issues are explained from the children’s perspective, they normally bear great weight. Most parents will try to lead better lives for the sake of their children. With laws and regulations, the government needs to establish more rehabilitation centers, which are affordable to all members of community. Some people fail to get help due to finances. And citizens should be educated so that they stop giving excuses. People with family abuse need love, comfort, and assurance. Lack of support usually causes them to continue using such that they develop even greater addiction. Therefore, the public should be enlightened of the significance of offering guidance and counselling to these people. There is need to help the smokers visualize on what their lives will be after they quit smoking. They will be presentable in the society thereby being respected due to good appearance, as they will no longer struggle with bad odor. In addition, a good amount of money will be saved and used to meet other needs. They will have stronger relationships with their family members and reduce the chances of divorces. Moreover, in the case of parents, the lives of their children will be more secure as they will have a good role model and the chances of developing bad habits such as smoking will be greatly reduced. In the case of students, their physical, psychological, and emotional lives will be enhanced.  This is a good strategy to help people stop smoking as humans are always motivated when they realize that quitting is not hard. In conclusion, the consequences of smoking to health are harmful, therefore, people should stop smoking. However, the public is not fully aware of the extent of damage that their smoking habits do to their health. A majority of the population has become used to the saying of “smoking is harmful to your health.” There is need for more public awareness on these harmful effects. It can be done without using scientific terms in their explanations and instead use simple language to ensure that all members of population get the message. In addition, the effects on every section of the population should further explained. For instance, when it comes to pregnant women, the focus is often on the dangers targeted to the unborn babies. There is little attention given to the negative impact on the actual mother. It is possible to create a healthy society that is free of smoking if all people unite to deal with the issue.