Pediatric affect many parts of a child’s overall

Pediatric brain tumors cause survivors to have
many neurological disadvantages in their road to recovery. This article focuses
on how the brain tumors will affect education and social life. Not many people
understand the severity or complexity of the life of a child with a brain
tumor. Not only did this article approach how the brain tumor affects the
child, but it also addressed how it affected educational psychologists and the
family itself. The main purpose of conducting this research was to discover the
many ways brain tumors affect learning and society, as well as raising
awareness for these situations.

data in this article was collected from a wide variety of past research and
literature in this topic. It was reviewed and analyzed to determine how these
tumors are affecting children later on in life. Specific statistics in general
were used to show the impact of a tumor on neurocognitive deficits and
development. The data that was collected focused mainly on learning, memory,
and behavior of the child with a brain tumor. Research also provided a new
perspective, looking at the teachers and psychologists of these children. To
organize the research into an article, the big sections of focus were the cause
of the late effects by brain tumors and the large gap in which it affects, the
interventions of teachers and psychologists, and propositions for how to deal
with these issues in education.

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results found in this study claimed that there are multiple things that could
result in neurological problems, brain tumors are just one of these. Also, time
is a very prominent factor in tracking the progression of the severity of
complications in the brain. It was concluded that brain tumors can and will
affect many parts of a child’s overall life. These factors include things such
as emotional, physical, social, and intellectual problems. The conclusion also
states that is important to take into account the time progression of the disease
in order to accurately treat the symptoms and help a child learn. It is very
important that there are appropriate follow ups to ensure the symptoms caused by
the tumor are not worsening.

goals and objectives of this research were clearly stated throughout the article.
It was very easy to follow because it was broken up into the symptoms experienced
by the children, the educational standpoints, and explanations of why these
things happen the way they do. This matched the content very well. The two went
hand and hand because after reading the article, I understand that it is not
just learning that is being affected, but many other factors as well. The
article demonstrated how severe symptoms of brain tumors can get and why it is
so important to understand the way they work. Following the article, however,
was not the easiest. There was a lot of medical terminology and phrases that
were tricky to comprehend, but it was not hard to grasp the overall idea of the
article. While reading, I only lost my focus a few time due to trying to break
down the hard parts. The importance of this research was to make people aware
that tumors do not only affect a child’s health in general. Most people are
sympathetic towards patients with this complication, however they do not fully
understand the severity. As a support group, we should know our role in how to
treat or act towards those with tumors. We need to be aware of how to be
patient (because of their impaired cognition), and how to instruct them to help
them grow as an individual of society. It impacts sociology very much because
in order for our society to work together, we need to know what approach to
take in these situations. For teachers, it would be learning how to adjust to
the child’s needs and get them to the level of intelligence they should be at.
For families and peers, it is important that they show continued support so
that it does not negatively impact the child’s well-being. In order to function
as a whole, individuals need to be aware and acknowledge the difficulties of

improve the article, it should be written to accommodate the average person’s comprehension
level. It is very difficult to understand the specifics when there are words
that are unrecognizable to an average person. It should also be briefer. The
article tends to be very repetitive at times. In my opinion, the research was
very well conducted. It proved the points that needed to be addressed and
explained them thoroughly. It was very clear what the results were before even
reading the conclusion. I agree that it is very important that everyone is
aware of the challenges kids with brain tumors face throughout their lifetime.