On The theater where the show was performed

On Sunday, November 26, at 2:00 PM, my family and I went to see a show called Death of a Salesman in Providence RI. The author of the show is Arthur Miller, and the director of the show is Brian McEleney. The show was professionally performed and had 10 actors. The theater where the show was performed is called Trinity Rep. The show was presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., in New York,Willy Loman is a salesman living in NYC in the late 1940’s. He lives with Linda, his wife, in the same house for the past twenty-five years. Willy is having trouble driving and makes several mistakes while driving such as stopping at green lights. Willy talks to himself a lot, which causes a lot of concern from his wife. At the beginning of the play, Willy comes home from a business trip, he is worried because his sons are not progressing in the business world, and they are not making much money at all. His son Happy has a job, but his other son Biff jumps from job to job. Willy has been demoted from a salaried employee to a commissioned employee. With this and other problems in his life, he begins to hallucinate, thinking that he is living in an earlier part of his life. Willy sees a very bright future for his son, but in reality, this does not come to pass. Willy is not proud of Happy, who only wants attention from his father. Willys’ sons are surprised at their father’s changes. Happy knew his father would talk to himself, but Biff had no idea about this. Their mother then tells them willy has been trying to kill himself. Willy tries to talk to his boss Howard about a job change, but Howard tells him he doesn’t have a position. Willy becomes angry with Howard and starts to yell at him. Howard eventually has to fire him. Biff and Happy have made plans to meet their father in a restaurant to celebrate the anticipated good news of the day. Instead, it is all bad news and Willy isn’t willing to accept the truth. The two boys meet some girls and leave Willy in the restaurant, which causes Willy to have a hallucination about a woman he used to cheat on Linda. Linda is furious at the boys for this and tells them it would be better if they never returned because they cause stress for him. Willy understands that his son loves him though. Willy decides the insurance money of twenty-five thousand dollars would benefit his family. He talks to his dead brother Ben in a hallucination and decides to kill himself. Linda has a hard time dealing with Willy’s death. She is sad because finally the house was paid off and now she does not have a husband. One thing about the acting that I really liked was the transition from reality to Willy’s delusions. During the delusions, the lights dimmed, everything is dramatized and much louder than normal, such as the actors screaming. One thing I didn’t like and thought could be better was the actor’s accents. Some of the voices sounded too silly and weird during the normal parts. This could have been done purposely, or the actors were just using them for no reason, but I personally thought it could be changed.