Motunrayo together to discuss problems and generate answers.

Motunrayo Bada


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January 25th, 2018


1.      Chester Barnard
defined an organization is a system of consciously coordinated activities or forces of two or more persons. According to Barnard the cooperation of two or
more persons is required to reach a
definite goal. AMAZE INC. fits into Barnard’s
approach because it is an organization where employees are allowed to work on projects
of their choice and are encouraged to work together, and a strength of the company
is that it is a climate of communication and sharing. Chester Barnard’s
specifies his approach with systems such as the social system and organization
objective. The social system is where the
organization supports the motive of its employees, and this helps the organizational
objective because if they support the motives of their employees, they will be able
to attain the organization’s goals. Using these systems AMAZE INC. applies this
because the team leaders make communication simple by bringing everyone
together to discuss problems and generate answers. Also the management at AMAZE
INC. award bonuses to teams to create a winning product, give valued rewards to
further motive employees and mak there aware that their contributions matter.

Mary Parker
Follett focuses attention on her practice
of management where her approach is collaboration. AMAZE INC. adapts this as their employees are not being forced into performing one narrowly defined
job but will each share development of a new product idea within the
development team.  Also, Follett’s
approach of coordination is being applied in the
case where employees establish the innovations and also have control over a products
completion instead of leaving it to the manager; this way the project is
organized. Self-management is being adapted
in the case of the employees at AMAZE
INC. being allowed to work on projects of
their choice, 20% of the time without the management’s


Given the strategy of
its innovations. AMAZE INC., it will be
better suited to an organic structure because the division of labour and work
specialization is extensive, there are low levels of formalization, decision making
is decentralized, and the span of control is wide. Employees are allowed to work
with their expertise levels enabling them to do projects of their choice but are
also encouraged to work together in teams and discuss problems and come up with
solutions together, and employees are united by a mutual dependence on each
other. The low level of formalization encourages innovativeness and is associated
with high motivation and job satisfaction on the part of employees. Employees
are allowed to make decisions when establishing innovations and have full
control over the production. The span of control at AMAZE INC. is wide because communication
is flexible and there are only a few layers of hierarchical levels.