Moriah the navigational system, play a game or

Pereira, continues to perform as Poppy, releasing new videos every week. In
fact, her success has come so far that she begins to drift further and further
away from her real self – Poppy has seemingly become what Moriah considers as
her real identity – almost as if she has forgotten or has become completely
addicted/overpowered by the character she has taken upon. This plays in to her ideas
of society being manipulated by technology and internet. It goes to show how
easy it is for individuals to lose their sense of self in this modern realm,
whether it be by addiction to fame, overpowering internet forces, or other
forms. In fact, this has become quite common. Many individuals of society no
longer understand who they are and what their purpose is in this world. It can
be extremely difficult to find a sense of self or purpose, while being so
strongly influenced by outside sources such as progressing technology
extensions of man like prosthetics, augmented reality/virtual reality, wearable
technology, artificial intelligences, cyborgs, etc. Marshall McLuhan declares
this as his theory of technology being extensions of man. These ‘extensions’
become so dependant on by the human body, that the individual may forget themselves
without any extensions. For example, with cellular devices (smartphones
specifically). Individuals have become so glued to their devices, acting as an
extension of the arm and the mental capacity, that once the individual remains without
a smartphone they feel lost and uncertain – such as by losing the ability to
text message, check weather updates, use the navigational system, play a game
or even quickly search up an answer to a question on Google. Poppy (the
character) is an extension of Moriah (the individual) and thus, Moriah may
become more and more lost without playing the character of Poppy. In an
interview, Poppy states on the subject: “We’ve really… we’ve just become one.

Hollywood does that to you.” This ties directly in to theories of identity and
what they mean for the progressing world and society.

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From an exceptionally youthful age,
Moriah Pereira, was propelled to wind up a vocalist, after being highly
influenced by her father’s musical abilities. She has been building her success
since she was of just 14 years of age. Moriah first met Titanic Sinclair in
2013, where the start of her Poppy adventure ignited. Titanic Sinclair,
otherwise known as Corey Mixter, is an entertainer and video producer/director,
based in Los Angeles, California. He has previously worked with Mars Argo, but
due to several disputes between the two decided to move on, thus finding Moriah.

His most familiar work has been with Poppy, as she nonchalantly poses in front
of a backdrop and repeats certain articulations and phrases to duplicate the
rationally modified speculation of famous figures in society. In 2014, Moriah worked
together with Titanic to portray the character Poppy and started producing
music from then on. Her first video was published to YouTube in November of 2014,
titled “Poppy Eats Cotton Candy” and of course was creatively directed by
Titanic Sinclair. Before all of Moriah’s success through YouTube, she had
simple dreams of becoming a singer. Around this time, she had met with Titanic
Sinclair, who then suggested the idea of a YouTube channel dedicated to her
work. Trusting this could be her free ticket into the industry, Moriah accepted
Titanic’s offer. Poppy’s music would not have received many worldwide ratings
and views if it were not for the videos and identity she previously created
online. Although Moriah had hoped for a strong musical career, it is Poppy’s
YouTube character that has grasped the attention of her audiences and stolen
the show.


 Although Poppy does not attract the highest
ratings, she has managed to create a cult following via the transmedia
platforms she engages with. Her fans are no doubt devoted to Poppy and all that
she stands for, although seem to be more fixated with finding out her real
motives and revealing what’s behind the Poppy trance. Poppy states in response
to this: “Just that they’re always trying to get to the bottom of something,
and I just want them to stay at the top of it.”, further adding “It’s
never-ending, but don’t go looking where you shouldn’t be looking, just let it
be what it is. Let it excite and then leave it there.”




In conclusion, Poppy is most definitely
a unique and interesting character, promoting her work in ways that haven’t been
seen before. Moriah Pereira has created a character who is loved by all, yet
still evokes emotions of curiosity, suspense, and even fear. Poppy is a
friendly, innocent-looking girl who tackles issues of politics, identity, innovation,
and technology within her work, all with a creatively distinct twist. Poppy has
gained a substantial following due to her odd behavior and unexplainable aura, attracting
thousands of like-minded individuals, as well as those who are simply fixated
on finding out what really lies behind the Poppy facade. Although we may never
completely know or understand what Poppy’s true intentions are, one thing for
sure is that she promotes individuality, creativity, feminism, and encourages
society to question the world around them.