Jeepney and on the effect of a modernized

modernization is removing all the old jeepneys and change it into a new and
modernize one. It is phasing out all the jeepney that is more than 15 years of
age. Rene Torres an author from Philippine Daily Inquirer wrote his opinion
about this modernization program.

In the
article of Rene Torres, it is said that jeepney operators need to change their
old jeepney into new one. The government make a program and it is about
modernizing our old jeepneys. Jeepney or taxicab that is more than 15 years of
age need to be phased out as what the government proclaim with this program. It
is said that this modernize and new jeepney will cause more destructive to our
environment and it will contribute more traffic problem than the old one. It is
suggested to use the public vehicles than private vehicles to lessen the
traffic. Commuters are now suffering and facing problems about transporting.
Some are just deciding to walk instead of commuting because of jeepneys that
are fully loaded and just passed them by. Modern jeepney will able to make more
trips and carry more passengers than the old one.

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presentation of Rene Torres on jeepney modernization is insufficient and not
enough to be said that modernization program is unfair because he is just
focused on the effect of it to the environment and not on the value and on the
effect of a modernized jeepney to the other aspect. It is insufficient and not
enough because the content of his article is just focused on what will be its
effect on the environment and he just said that it is more destructive and will
contribute more traffic without explaining it why. He didn’t explain how it may
affect our society, our commuters and also our jeepney drivers and operators.
Also, how it may affect the number of drivers who will not be able to make dispatching
and carry passengers. And how it may affect every driver and operator’s income
or fares. There’s some information on the article that has no evidences or
details that needs to support on his position about the topic. Modernized
jeepney can make us more comfortable and safety in transporting and it can
carry more passengers and make more trips. Although it may help us in our
transportation, it has also a negative effect in other aspect. Going back to
the article of Rene Torres, he stated that it will cause more destructive to
our environment. Because of the smoke that is release on it may cause
temperature to rise. It also emits carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases
that can affect and destroy our atmosphere and Earth. It is one of the factors
that may cause of climate changes. Rene Torres suggested to use public vehicle
than private vehicle. It is helpful because we can lessen the emit of carbon
dioxide and also the traffic that we may make or contribute if we use our
private vehicle. Modernized jeepney will contribute more traffic problem
because of carrying more passengers and they will stop often to dropping off
them. They indiscriminately loading and unloading passengers in some areas and
sometimes in the middle of the lane that causes of traffic. More passengers
that they are carrying more time that they will stop to carry or alight them.
Because of that, workers and students may become late on their schedule on that
day. Some drivers block other jeepneys to get the passengers. They will
overtake them, drive too fast just to ahead the other jeepneys on their front without
thinking to the safety of other passengers that will lead to an accident and a
possibility to the passengers to be injured or died.

to his article, jeepney operators
will lose their jeepneys next year on the basis of the government’s modernization
program. Taxicabs older than 15 years have been phased out some time ago, again
in connection with the modernization program. Government just want to make sure
that our jeepneys now will be maintained-well and safety. But because of this
program, some drivers may lose their work. They need to change and remove their
old jeepney into new one for them to make a route. If they will not able to
comply to this program our government will hire new operators and drivers. It
is said that a modern jeepney is equipped of more high-tech and safety features
like having closed-circuit television camera or CCTV, GPS, and speed-limiter
but it needs a big amount or value of money. Some drivers are not able to
afford this value to change their jeepney that may lead of increasing the
number of people who are jobless. Because of expensive materials that maybe
some of it are import or bought from the other country, we can’t assure that
the fares that we pay to our old jeepneys before are the same amount that we
pay to the new one. They may increase taxes of the employees and other workers
to cover up the expenses that they produce to have a modernized jeepney.

addition, modernized jeepney may also affect our health. There’s so many
factors that may affect our health and give us disease that some are not easily
treated. One of it is the smoke that release on the jeepney. We all know that
smoke is not good for our body. It will just give us poor health and different
illnesses like allergies, asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis and pulmonary
disease.  Not only the health of the
passengers are affected but also the health of the drivers. They are prone of
having body pain and discomfort to their seats because of their awkward
position on their seats. They just seat for the long period of time that may
affect the development of their body. Also, they may become deaf as the time
goes by because of different and loud horn that other jeepney drivers do plus
the different noise that they encountered on the road.

conclusion, jeepney is part of our culture and it is very useful to our daily
lives. It gives us a cheap but safe transportation. Jeepney modernization
program divided the opinion of the people. There are some that are favor with
it and some are against with it. It may change our daily life as we go along
with that modernization program. But it may also affect different aspect our
lives that can be an advantage or disadvantage for us. Our government want to
make sure that people will have safe and comfort transport. They just want to
prevent accidents involving our jeepneys and save the lives of every commuters.



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