It of the combinations that will increase the

It is clear from this case
that there are certain challenges and marketing issues that Andrea Torres must

There are the four options
that are presented in the case, from which she must choose a direction, all of
which pertain to a full or partial launch, or further testing of the
combinations that will increase the viability and success of the product.

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Torres must address the gathered
data related to her market, and when planning her proposal for a marketing
strategy, she must ensure that the targets set out by Mr. Raymond align with
the behaviour presented in the market research data.


Torres has to address
whether to position the new chocolate product using their pre-established
European brand equity with the very French-Swiss brand name of Montreaux, or instead
opt for the brand name of Apollo. While the latter is more familiar to
Americans, it already has an established reputation on its quality of
manufactured confectionary which could be attributed to their new product line.

On the other hand, as the case mentions, there were noted issues with the
credibility of the name Montreaux that respondents were struggling with, so using
the Montreaux brand is not without its drawbacks.

This issue is particularly
important to the success of the new product line as it is from where the
marketing message will be derived from. The rollout image could either have a
message of the well-known reputation of the quality of Swiss chocolate, or it
could tap into the disproportionately large level of nationalism that exists in
the US market.


As mentioned at the end of
the article, “the pressure to move
quickly is high”, timing is another key issue for Miss Torres to address –
she must decide whether to continue with more market testing or to go straight
ahead and begin plans to distribute the product. Naturally it would be
advantageous to begin straight away with the rollout using the gathered market
data, however with no manufacturing facility confirmed, and concerns, the
product launch could easily flop due to lack of preparation. On the other hand,
standing by for more testing to occur gives room for competitors to close in
with substitute products – or worse, becoming the benchmark product and switching
the new Montreaux product to become the


Miss Torres will also have
to decide on the overall theme of the marketing of the product – whether the
inherent focus is on the taste or the healthy benefits of the high percentage
of cocoa. By looking at the habits of the consumers, she will also have to
decide on the outside packaging of the product to express the decided-upon

These points are key to the
success of the new product line as the company would have to similarly face
these challenges should there be a failure to meet the satisfaction of the


One of Mr. Raymond’s
objectives is to initiate a national distribution of the new Montreaux product
line, so another challenge Miss Torres will have to address is how to launch
the product across the United States. Here, the familiarity of the Apollo brand
would in of itself act as advertising, which would require less monetary
investment in marketing the new brand, and thus would not require as
large-scale campaign.


Lastly, a key challenge
that Miss Torres faces is successfully marrying the message of healthy eating
with chocolate. Chocolate is generally regarded as a candy, and by its nature,
unhealthy in certain quantities. She faces the issue of effectively presenting
the facts of the health benefits of chocolate so that it will benefit the new
product line – but at the same time it should highlight the uniqueness of
Montreaux chocolate, otherwise there is a risk of convincing consumers to
consume more dark chocolate, but not Montreaux’s brand.


To summate, the key issues Miss Torres must address
that are key for the success of the new product line are deciding on the
branding, the packaging, the timeline of the launch, meeting the manager’s
targets, and presenting the message of product value effectively.