Initially, to go to sites and download something

Initially, all this
was brewed in one of the US military departments. Why did they need this story
is silent, but at the beginning of the two-thousandth rudiments of technology
Thor were completely unexpectedly laid out in common? And the source codes were
opened and this software got into the status of freely distributed. What does
it mean? And how much can you trust such a “gift”?


The question is fair,
but you can trust it because of the openness of the code of this technology.
The fact is that since then (in fifteen years), these codes have been studied
(and amended) by hundreds, if not thousands of people who understand it and no
“bookmarks” and “secret doors” have been found. Where it
comes to security (in our case, the transfer and storage of information), it is
better to work with open software (software).

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Tor technology allows
you to go to sites and download something from the network without leaving
behind any traces, e.g. when you open, for example, through Tor Browser some
site, it will not be possible to track the IP address of your computer on this
site (and therefore you to calculate). Even your ISP will not understand (with
all the desire) that you visited this site (and it will not be possible to
prove it). Well, the browser itself will not store all traces of your
wanderings on the Internet.


In this way, people
can cover their dark affairs. Not without this, of course. But the general idea
of ??the Torah is still bright – to provide the Internet user with real freedom
in the form of complete anonymity. For example, in some countries access to
some resources may not be justified, and Thor Browser will allow these
obstacles to bypass and not be punished for the violation, because they do not
know that you did it.


How does TOR work?
This is called bulb routing. There is a network of nodes belonging to the
adherents of this technology. Three arbitrary nodes are used to transfer data.
The tor browser sends the packet to the first node, and it contains the
encrypted address of the second node. The first node knows the key for the
cipher and, having learned the address of the second, sends the packet there
(it’s like the bow removed the first layer). The second node, having received
the packet, has a key for decoding the address of the third node (another layer
was removed from the onion). Thus, from the outside it is not possible to
understand which site you eventually opened in the window of your Tor Browser.


But note that only the
path (routing) is encrypted, and the contents of the packets are not encrypted.
Therefore, to transfer sensitive data, it will be better to encrypt them


In addition, this
technology has a few downsides:

An ISP (or
someone else who follows your traffic) can understand that you are using Tor.
What exactly you are looking at or doing in the network, he does not recognize,
but sometimes the fact of knowing that you are hiding something can have
consequences. Take this into account and, if possible, learn how to strengthen
the disguise (and they exist), if this is critical for you.

network does not use special high-speed equipment, but, in fact, conventional
computers. From here emerges another disadvantage – the speed of information transfer
in this secret network can vary significantly and sometimes it is clearly not
enough for, for example, viewing media content.