India As India Home is non-profit organization, volunteering

India Home a Center for
Senior Care


India home is a
non-profit organization based in Jamaica Queens, started in 2007 to help South
Asian seniors regardless of religion, socioeconomic status, or country of
origin. The mission of India Home is to “improve quality of life of South
Asian seniors through convenient social services.” India Home helps immigrant
south Asian seniors by providing ESL classes, citizenship preparation, social
services, health education, and spiritual services in a culturally sensitive
environment. At India home seniors find community through diverse range of
program and activities, from, expert-led community education health and
wellness program, congregate meal program, case management, recreational
activity, advocacy program, and awareness campaigns. Seniors at India home also
express their culture and festival by singing, dancing and art.

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Being part of India Home
as an intern, my main role was community outreach, need assessment data
collection, data input and data cleanup. I also got chance to be a part of case
management and focus group team to help South Asian seniors. As India Home is non-profit organization, volunteering
of valuable people plays essential role in the function of organization. This
internship provides with opportunity to gain upscale work experience and
knowledge through innovation and improvement at India Home.

The main project to be
carried out during the internship between September 2017 to November 2017 was
community outreach and need assessment data collection. I started my internship
by little training on focus of research. At first, it was difficult to approach
the aim. Filling twenty-two pages of data which contains research question of
demographic, mental health, diet, and transportation was difficult but not hard
to reach. Part of need assessment requirement my goal was complete approximately
three hundred need assessment data of seniors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh,
Sri lanka, Afghanistan, Guyana and Trinidad. Many of participant seniors were unable
to understand English, but having same cultural background I was able to help
seniors to fill the data by translation. My duties are followed by impute survey
data in to data base and clean up data to make sure that it records correctly.

My supervisor, Lakshman Kalaspudi,
is the Deputy Director of India Home since 2010I consider myself lucky to have
had him as my supervisor, since he would always find time for my questions,
listen my opinions and be willing to help me anytime.  I always found him dedicated, punctual, calm,
honest, enthusiastic, and down to earth personality. In addition, there were
more people who played important role during my internship, including Maria Gurung,
one of my colleague who I was working with on a daily basis.  

This position has showed
me how to conduct myself in corporate setting and some important skills I need
to adopt at corporate America. The internship program at India Home encouraged
me to step out of my comfort zone and become more responsible. I also built
good connection and quality of relationship with people at India Home. From the
moment, I started my internship at India Home, I learned a lot. It was
fascinating to communicate with seniors. Even though they were stranger to us, they
opened up and express all their life experiences. This helped me realize the problems
we all can face when we get older.