I were the random fiction books I would

I remember wanting to read the books I used to think were too big for my age, it was the Molly Moon series. That was in middle school. I believe it was in middle school that I to read more books, like the series of unfortunate events. Even though English is my second language, I was pushed by my parents to read more books. Going to the library’s free book events and buying books from the scholastic store they would do at schools. Then, from middle school to high school, I got more into non-fictional books. These included self-help books mainly, such as Grit, Habits, and e-books on improving grades.I didn’t know many with these tastes of my age back then. Aside from these educational books, I was enforced to read other classics due to taking advanced English courses. Those included the East of Eden, Frankenstein, Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, the Catcher in the Rye and so on. Then there were the random fiction books I would pick up and usually not finish, like Room which was turned into a movie, the bees by Laline Paull. Today, I’m still only really interested in newer/good/informational “self-help” books such as Essentialism by Greg McKeown and also older informational books from authors such as Cal Newport. As for my writing history, I remember being highly praised for a narrative essay I wrote about a fluffy hamster due to my excessive figurative language from a/an elementary/middle school level. I have never really gotten very good grades on essays or any other writing assignment during high school. I wasn’t able to put make my thoughts on paper in a coherent way. The blame can be put on the fact that English is my second language but I think it has to do with my infrequent practices/attempts at writing essays. After taking this class last semester, I can say I surprised myself when I was reading over some essays I’ve done. They sounded a lot better than my high school essays. Now I hope that I’m able too further improve my writing skills this semester and make time to read more books during my college years.