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I want a world that accepts people for who they are. Coaching special needs athletes opened a door to what I want my future to be.  By volunteering in my community I have found my passion, my true calling in life. Teachers makes a tremendous difference in the lives of others if you help one kid that one kid can change the world. I want to teach and make a difference in young minds. Without some of the teachers that I have had I would not be motivated to go to college. Teachers helped make me who I am today. My teachers have inspired me, motivated me, and encouraged me to be the best I can be. If teachers did not care about what they were doing they would not make their students excited to learn. 
I have learned that acceptance of people’s differences is important in our world. These differences make us all unique, yet some people struggle to acknowledge the importance of these differences. This is a major problem in our world, a problem one day I hope to solve. My younger sister has intellectual disabilities. It pains me to watch people take advantage and mock individuals like her. I hope one day to help others like her who have a hard time making friends. For the past five years I have volunteered most my free time coaching and doing administrative work for Special Olympics. I spend this time working with Special Olympics because I believe in an organization that allows my younger sister to participate in any sport she pleases. With friends who are like her and volunteers that treat them like “normal” kids. I see how difficult it can be for people who struggle to be accepted by society. 
I started to volunteer weekly in eighth grade. I was very inexperienced as the youngest volunteer. I was assigned a girl named Kelsey, a seven year old with cerebral palsy afraid of the water because she couldn’t swim. I still remember the fear in her eyes and how she held me tightly and refused to let go. Over time, I helped her conquer her fear by blowing bubbles in the pool and kicking her feet as she held my hands. She flourished with every practice and I loved the feeling it gave me to help another person. I worked with Kelsey once a week for thirty- two weeks out of the year for three years. Kelsey now swims competitively for Special Olympics and she received a gold medal in her last race. 
For the last two years, I have worked with another athlete with down syndrome, Patrick, both in the pool and, on the soccer field. I’ve also taken on the responsibility of working as his PCA ( Personal Care Assistant). I have taught Patrick to swim, to kick a ball, and how to talk and treat people. Patrick is usually funny and  happy which is why I love him. Unfortunately, some people only see his disabilities. My life was changed for the better by working with Patrick and seeing him excel day in and day out. Through helping children like Patrick and Kelsey I have realized that helping and teaching children is what I want to do with my life. I do have some minor concerns about teaching in classrooms however I am learning how to deal with them in my classes. For example is a child were to break out into a tantrum or the big concern will I be good at it?  I believe if something doesn’t scare you it is not worthwhile. Teaching scares me and that is what drives me to do my best.
Teachers are people that make a difference in the world. I want to teach others that their differences do not make them strange but rather that they make them unique, one of a kind, and special in many ways. I want to teach students that they do not have to change themselves to be accepted, or to be perceived as beautiful because everyone is beautiful in their own way. I want to be a teacher so I can do what others have done for me. I want to teach to be an extraordinary and positive influence in other children’s lives.