Failure time delays, poor management) o It is

Failure to resolve the issue
o Measuring the un-resolved issues is critical for improving the IT support services
o Knowing the problem and analysing it to tackle the problem in future
o Common un-resolved issues can be monitored and can improve the service (providing
solutions in FAQ’s)
o Provide training and skills to IT technical team
2. Lack of IT and technical skills
o IT support services would not provide a better support due to lack of technical skills
o IT Support System would not be efficient enough to meet client requirements
o Some areas can be targeted to improve the skills of the team such as domain name
service (DNS), Wi-Fi connectivity etc.
o Keeping up-to-date with new technologies to improve services and to make IT support
service efficient
o Having effective team communication to avoid barriers and to provide the best services
3. Poor team dynamics
o Poor team management can degrade the efficiency of the IT support system
o Proper team management can improve IT services
o Team interaction plays a vital role in resolving team issues and can enhance support
o Conflict issues can be monitored and must be resolved through rules and regulations
that are acceptable to the team, which will improve the services.
4. Insufficient information (from clients)
o Holding an accurate detailed information plan is vital to develop the best IT support
system and avoid putting delays in the service
o Providing IT support services team with effective, clear, attainable and complete
requirements agreed by clients to develop and improve the services
o The data can be used to provide a well-defined user guide to the clients to resolve their
issues in a more effective way
5. Flaws in the design
o A proper IT system will have minimal errors and flaws in the design
o Flaws in design can have negative impacts on the IT system (e.g. time delays, poor
o It is of high importance to validate the requirements and design specifications
o To improve the IT support system, it is important to have enough time for testing and
o Use different approaches for design and reviewing it
o Standards must be followed to make an effective system