Distribution use of I.T. The paper also attempts

 Distribution Channel in modern time have
become more and more sophisticated and technology driven. Retailing has emerged
as one of the most significant intermediary phenomena as far as distribution
channels of modern business are concerned. This modernization of distribution
channels in modern business has been abely contributed by emerging technologies
particular I.T. This paper attempt to through a light on the advantages which
the use of I.T.brings to modern retail stores in comparison to traditional
stores not making use of I.T. The paper also attempts to analyze the impact of
I.T. innovation in retail sector. I.T. contribution to modern retail sector in
no.’s of ways which includes labor saving, inventory mgmt., monitoring of
checkout operations, consumer awareness and what not. The paper deliberates at
length on a development of considerable interest in I.T. sector which has
almost revolutionized the way we manage the modern retail business. The paper
further attempts a detailed presentation on areas like EDI, Electronic fund
transfer, and electronic loyalty schemes. The paper suggest that the huge
amount of information which is required for effective management of modern
retail business can be effectively handle through I.T. tools.  The incorporation of information technology
has enabled various sectors and areas better arrangements and performance. It
has become more important in times when marketing is ‘customer-driven’ where
keeping and managing customer behaviour related information is key ingredient
in decision making1 because customer behaviour is changeable and according to
time, the changes are coming in their needs, wants, and desires and also in
their brands.  These tools have made I.T.
easier to not only stores huge amount of information safety, but at the same
time to retrieve it whenever required along with necessary processing of
information to arrive at purposeful decision. Key words: Bar coding, EDI, ELS,
Information technology has now become a buzzword. It has become a wide spread
tool throughout the world since last couple of years and India is not an
exception to this revolution .The main reason behind this is only customer
awareness, consumption level and several options of multiband. So, all the time
there is a need of information and takeaction in their manufacturing units. The
advent and development of information technology enabled IT and ITES services
that has facilitate the retail sectors in numbers ways. Reason is that because
liberalization, privatization and globalization have made business firms to do
business in different-2 countries. For this purpose again there is a need to
collect right information about the consumer behaviour, education level,
economic level, socio-cultural level etc. time to time and on a regular basis.
Even from the initial stage to the extreme stage (continuous stage) to make
their image in the eyes of the customers. Because it will help you in getting
right information and in managing merchandise management, inventory management,
procurement, billing, customer loyalty schemes, stock replacement, shelf-space
and even effective shop floor management by using ITES in various ways.