Democratic the bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. France

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a command economy
led by their dictator Kim Jong-un. North Korea has defied
majority of the treaties it has signed and the nation strives to constantly
develop its nuclear weapons. This powerful nation is in the face of various
embargoes imposed by the UN. Furthermore, North Korea is threatened by many
powerful nations such as France and the USA.


North Korea has conducted 6 nuclear tests over the
course of 10 years. The UN had crafted a resolution and had imposed sanctions
in response to North Korea’s first nuclear test to reduce its economic
activity. The main aim for the sanctions was to discourage North Korea from
further developing its destructive weapons.
Irrespective of the warnings received, North Korea continued to invest and develop
its Nuclear Weapons at a very fast pace which has become a major concern for
everyone around the globe. Based on recent reports and President Kim’s statement,
it is safe to conclude that North Korea’s illegal ballistic missile program is
at its final completion stages.

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The United States of America and North Korea’s
relations have been unfriendly since 1950. USA interprets North Korea’s Nuclear
Programme to be a potential threat solely towards USA and its allies. USA’s
response to the nuclear programme suggests that there may be a fierce war
between the two parties in the near future.


France strongly disapproves North
Korea’s nuclear activities. France believes that USA’s and North Korea’s
relations can result in a war which can have devastating effects
as North Korea will retaliate using their Nuclear Weapons. If this happens this
maybe one of the deadliest wars the world. The recent tested
Hydrogen Bomb is claimed to be 8 times more severe than the bomb in Hiroshima and


France and North Korea’s relations
are minimal or rather non-existent. France hasn’t established any diplomatic
relations with North Korea as of now. However, France would be interested in
developing relations with North Korea as soon as it ends its nuclear weapons
programme. North Korea should either completely surrender or dispose all
illegal nuclear and atomic weapons it owns. After the nuclear programme completely
comes to an end, France would consider economic, social and political ties
between the two nations.

Furthermore, Kim Jong-un has threatened
France and other countries of Europe to prepare for a ‘nuclear war’! Therefore
it is imperative that North Korea’s nuclear programme ends quickly.

Other than DPRK and there are other
countries such as Russia, China and Japan which play a major role in the current
crisis. These countries play a vital role as they can help end the cold war
between USA and North Korea. Therefore, France urges negotiations between these
countries as this could lead to positive outcomes.

Moreover, France would suggest the
UN to tighten the sanctions imposed on North Korea and also discourage China
from trading with North Korea. This way North Korea shall be obliged to abide
by UN’s policies regarding the nuclear program.

Consequently, the UN may relax
sanctions imposed on North Korea if negotiations have successful outcomes. Relaxing
sanctions will help in gaining North Korea’s trust and will also help in
deescalating the cold war.

Such solutions could be effective
to tackle the conflict.

The delegation of France is looking
forward to discuss measures with other delegates in the upcoming conference.