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One of the major problem which faces our society today is child abuse. Sometimes you wonder are your children safe from child abuse despite a lot of reports about child abuse from newspaper and TV news. Child abuse is a national epidemic and it is happening almost in everywhere. At this instant, it is threatening the safety and well-being of […]

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One of Center of Disease Control’s top priorities is prevention of unplanned teen pregnancies. They believe that it is a “winnable battle” in public health. The evidence based prevention programs that they want tackle addresses knowledge, skills, and beliefs/attitudes toward teen pregnancy. Research thus far suggested that teen pregnancy prevention goals are to: ·         Decrease pregnancies among female teens ·         […]

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Introduction Automotive manufacturing car industry is undergoing major changes and transformations. Digitization introduced new technologies; manufactured products are demanded to produce in an increasing number of variants while the workforce’s average age is shifted by the demographic change. All of these factors are important drivers for creating workplaces where human and robot work together which based on the Industry 4.0 […]

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Taylor brings up the life of Sisyphus and the fact that for his entire existence he was burdened with continually rolling the rock up the hill repeatedly with no point and nothing ever emerged from this task that the gods burdened Sisyphus with. Taylor argues that maybe if Sisyphus was given the desire to roll the rock or if he […]

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Abstract—This paper proposes a way to enhance the compression ratio of images by deleting some parts of the image before transmission. The remaining data besides essential details for recovering the removed regions are encoded to produce the output data. At the decoding side an inpainting method is applied to retrieve the removed region. The Shearlet Transform is used for the […]

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The role of an Occupational Therapist is to help patients maintain or improve their daily life activities, whether it is in relation to their occupation, lifestyle, or certain type of disability.  Occupational therapists assess and determine different treatment plans. They also help plan and set goals for their patients to work to live a more productive and satisfying life. Occupational […]

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The next six months of the marketing plan calls for increased marketing to match the growth in seasonal demand that occurs during the period. The campaign is designed to take advantage of the seasonal growth in bathroom fitting and mirror categories with linkages to the other two categories of Houzit: bedroom fittings and decorative items. Activity 1:                 Magazine Advertising […]

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According to poet Reginald Vincent Holmes, “The earth has music for those who listen.” (Wander the Wild). Holmes and countless other poets have been inspired by the earth’s music to compose exquisite poetry for generations. Through sensory and vivid depictions, these writers have created a literary environment that allows readers to experience nature in the way that inspired them. Not […]

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If you are looking for the best beanbag furniture, you should check out Amy’s BeanBags. They have the softest, most comfortable, biggest, and with the cheapest price of fine beanbag furniture. The main purpose of purchasing beanbag furniture would probably be because you want to be able to relax more comfortably. It is good to just lie down to rest, even […]

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