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As an anesthesiologist there are multiple tasks that are performed on the job. Their main job is knocking someone out for a surgery. For this, I would have to be with the patient all throughout the surgery. Before the patient goes in for surgery the anesthesiologist heads into their room, explains what will happen during the surgery, and make sure they are fit and ready for the surgery. They do this by checking their blood pressure and mental stability. After they do that, the anesthesiologist will give the patient an anesthetic.There are two types of anesthetics, a general and local anesthetic. A general anesthetic will completely render the patient unconscious, a local anesthetic numbs a certain part of the body ( During the surgery a anesthesiologist will watch the patient’s blood pressure, the heart rate, the level of consciousness and the amount of oxygen in the blood to make sure the patient is stable and able to go on with the surgery ( For a general anesthetic the anesthesiologist will monitor the breathing patterns, the blood that the heart is pumping, and the blood pressure in the patient’s lungs ( Also during the surgery, your job is to place the patient in the right position for the surgery and to be sure the patient will not sustain nerve damage. After the surgery, the anesthesiologist helps the patient recover from their time being unconscious. This can be done by helping them relieve acute postoperative pain, management of circulatory and respiratory resuscitation ( Another field in anesthesia is an obstetrical anesthesiologist, this involves pain relief throughout the process of childbirth. Their job is to discuss possible relief options with the mother and supply an epidural if she chooses. This requires the anesthesiologist to watch over the mother throughout the birth and administer another epidural if needed. This is not their only job however, they can also provide pain medication to someone post-operation if their pain continues. They can also help in emergency rooms to provide patients with immediate pain reduction or sedation if need be.