Abstract: quality applications and services. The user can

Abstract: – Data security has constantly been a major difficulty
in information technology. In the cloud computing environment, it becomes mainly
serious because the data is located in different places even in the entire
globe. Data security and privacy protection are the two main factors of user’s
concerns about the cloud technology. Though many techniques on the topics in
cloud computing have been investigated in both academics and industries, data
security and privacy protection are becoming more important for the future
development of cloud computing technology in government, industry, and
business. Data security and privacy protection issues are relevant to both
hardware and software in the cloud architecture. This study is to review
different security techniques and challenges from both software and hardware
aspects for protecting data in the cloud and aims at enhancing the data
security and privacy protection for the trustworthy cloud environment. In this
paper, we make a comparative research analysis of the existing research work
regarding the data security and privacy protection techniques used in the cloud
computing. The Cloud is a platform where all users not only store their data
but also used the software and services provided by Cloud Service Provider
(CSP). The service provided by the cloud is very economical. This is a policy
where data holder remotely stores their data in the cloud to adore the high
quality applications and services. The user can access the data, use the data
and store the data. In a Corporate world there are large number of client who
accessing their data and modifying a data. In Cloud, application software and
services are move to the centralized large data center and management of this
data and services may not be trustworthy. To maintain this data we use third
party auditor (TPA).It will check the consistency of data but it increases the
data integrity risk of data holder. Since TPA not only read the data but also
he can modify the data, therefore a mechanism should be provided who solved
this problem. We first examine the problem and new potential security scheme
used to solve this problem. Our algorithm encrypt the content of file at user
level which ensure the data owner and client that there data are intact. Side
by side it also preserves the data dynamics and consistency of n number of
client and server.