Essay 2    vsamovich3Health Informatics in the Real WorldWhat are EHRs and EMRs? How do they compare and differ? (~100 words, 0.2 points)Electronic Medical Records or EMRs is an electronic version of medical records in doctor or hospital offices. The records contain includes a history of the medical treatment in specific practice and advantages like: monitoring of the care quality, help how the patient stay on specific parameters(vaccination, immunization) and over a long period of time data tracking.Electronic Health Record or EHR in compare to EMR doing all of the things plus more. The main focus not on specific practice, but on the total health of the patient. “EHRs are designed to reach out beyond the health organization that originally collects and compiles the information” (, 2011). The EHR can be shared with specialists, other doctors, hospital or even care provider in a different state or across the country.In detail, define the ONC. How does ONC impact healthcare vendors and EHRs? (~150 words, 0.3 points)<...text here ...>What is Meaningful Use? (~200 words, 0.3 points)<...text here ...>Should patients be the aggregation point for all or any of their health data? Why or why not? (~200 words, 0.2 points)<...text here ...>Describe the challenges around PHRs? (~200 words, 0.3 points)<...text here ...>Explain the Blue Button on FHIR Project and how the idea was formulated. (~100 words, 0.1 points)<...text here ...>How does Interoperability and Meaningful Use relate? (~150 words, 0.2 points)<...text here ...>What is the Health Information Exchange? How does Privacy, Security and Trust relate to the Health Information Exchange? (~250 words, 0.4 points)<...text here ...>References:AuthorLastName, AuthorFirstNameInitial. (YearPublished). Title. Retrieved RetrievedMonth RetrievedDay, RetrievedYear from URL.