Lastly, I will discuss the importance of
this acts and how it may affect the workers as well as the other persons. Well,
on this act, occupational health and safety their mission is to protect us,
provide safety and health by delivering with respect, fairness, and equal
manners to everyone. Also, this act is diligent to prevent violence and
harassment in the workplace to sets out the rights for workers and duties in
the workplace. As an employee, we as well responsible for maintaining the
violence and harassment is not going to be tolerated in the workplace. Such as,
bullying which it is not inappropriate, any behavior that humiliates a person
or not “expected to be unwelcome”, a threat which can be a verbal or a written
and so on. Therefore, the role of being a PSW is to ensure that we are providing
a safe care to our clients while we respect their individual right.