1. which are required to minimize the voltage

1.     Title of the project

      On Chip CMOS Low DropOut
Voltage Regulator

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2.     Need for the study


increasing need for portable battery solutions has driven low power supply
designs. Regulators are an essential part of the ever-growing family of
portable battery-operated devices which are required to minimize the voltage
variations of the battery to acceptable levels. As a result, demand for SoC
solutions has increased the interest in LDO voltage regulators which is a
consequence of requirement of smaller portable products.


3.     Objectives (Bullet points)


Focus on
the realization of current efficient, low voltage, LDO Voltage Regulator.

Logic to optimise the power consumption.

suitable circuit topologies for the realization of low dropout regulators
working at low input voltages and low quiescent current flow without hampering
its performance.


4.     Literature Review


Review of various fundamental topics requiring for the better
understanding of the various topologies developed over the years including
study of Circuit Analysis, Amplifiers, MosFET, Stability Analysis using Bode
plots.  Effects of large external bulky
capacitor used for stability requirements.


5.     Work Plan (Include Detailed Methodology with Time Schedule)


Understanding the various shortcomings and limitations imposed by
various topologies designed over the years.

Acquaintance with Software required during the course of the

Developing new methodologies to overcome the existing problems and
thereby, improving the performance.



Milliken, Robert J., Jose Silva-Martínez,
and Edgar Sánchez-Sinencio. “Full on-chip CMOS low-dropout voltage
regulator.” IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular
Papers54.9 (2007): 1879-1890.

Torres, Joselyn, Mohamed
El-Nozahi, Ahmed Amer, Seenu Gopalraju, Reza Abdullah, Kamran Entesari, and
Edgar Sanchez-Sinencio. “Low drop-out voltage regulators: Capacitor-less
architecture comparison.” IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine 14,
no. 2 (2014): 6-26.

Current Efficient, Low
Voltage, Low Droup-Out Regulators by Gabriel Alfonso Rincon-Mora.


Expected Knowledge to be gained
after completion of the project (Bullet points)


SoC designing

Fluency with Cadence Tools




of the student                                                                    


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