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1.According to Babywise, are human infants Good (equipped at birth with positive tendencies), Bad (have innately bad tendencies at birth, Blank Slate (have no skills, abilities, or tendencies at birth)? Human infants are bad, according to Babywise. Dr.Robert Buckham, the co-author of Babywise, mentions that the most crucial aim of parent-controlled feeding is to rapidly instill a awareness of control in the newborn’s mind. He then continues to state that babies who are fedon command swiftly grow used to instant fulfillment, which causes them to become moreGrueling and “brats”. Buckham’s expression connects with the opinions of Hobbes who represents children as self-centered. He states that it is society’s job to educate theirchildren to act in a courteous manner. Essentially babywise is striving to instruct children that they do not decide how things go and that not everything has to do with them.2. According to Babywise, Should development of an infant be shaped by Nature or Nurture? What is the most important force? Babywise provides a greater amount of significance on Nurture after all they are attempting to inform parents socially. According to Babywise views, exposing a child to a socializing environment will have powerful impacts on infants in order to insure that they will act in a sophisticated manner because normally they are born badly. Babywise concludes that it is better for newborns to be told that they have been restrained. Thus, a number of parents have taken Babywise courses that had stated infants should eat at least every four hours.3. According to Babywise, Do babies develop the same or differently? Is development universal or particularistic? Babies progress the same universal, according to Babywise. Every baby cries in need of one of their parents, not having the capability to manage themselves. Each baby will sooner or later behave as soon as the Babywise strategy is maintained. “You have a contented baby. She didn’t need to cry and tell Mommy she needed to be fed. She knew it would happen” Babywise mentions that every baby will soon alter to the normal plan, not another baby will misbehave.4)According to Babywise, Is Development Passive (infant plays no role) or Active (infant determines developmental outcomes)?Infants are passive humans, they don’t engage in a role in their personal progressive plan, according to Babywise. Stated by Babywise, “babies will not be undernourished if they are not fed in three hours. Not feeding a baby for three hours is a good thing. We have organized lives, we’re planned people.” It is mentioned that newborns have no self-control on if they are going to get fed or not.5)According to Babywise, Is Development Continuous or Discontinuous?According to Babywise, All newborn babies development are the same continuous process. All babies will broaden through certain times of being fed at a continuous set of time decided by their parents. Stated by Babywise, “Newborns should be taught that not everything in the world has to do with them.” The newborns do not choose what happens and don’t get to eat at any time that they want. Babies will eat at certain given points and sleep on a daily basis.”